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Overarching NPHA Advocacy and Policy Goals

The Nevada Public Health Association (NPHA) organizes its advocacy and policy activities around five overarching goals:

  • Promoting Social Justice and Health Equity in Nevada
  • Ensuring the Right to Health and Health Care in Nevada
  • Building Public Health Infrastructure and Capacity in Nevada
  • Promoting Improved Data Collection to Inform Policymaking in Nevada
  • Advocating for Health in All Policies

These advocacy and policy goals are consistent with NPHA’s vision of a healthy Nevada and its mission of serving as the voice for public health in Nevada in order to improve health and achieve equity in health status and a healthier Nevada.  These overarching goals are also aligned with the advocacy and policy goals of the American Public Health Association. 

2017 NPHA Advocacy Agenda
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In keeping with NPHA’s strategic vision, the NPHA Board of Directors established its Advocacy and Policy Committee (APC).  During 2017 and consistent with NPHA’s overarching advocacy and policy goals, the NPHA APC will focus its advocacy and policy efforts on the following priority areas:

A.    Advocating for Tobacco and E-cigarette Prevention and Control Policy in Nevada

B.    Promoting Healthy Lifestyles through the Support of Nutritious Eating and Active Living in Nevada

C.     Protecting and Promoting Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health in Nevada

D.    Improving Access to Clinical and Preventive Health Services in Nevada

E.     Supporting Evidence-based Injury and Violence Prevention in Nevada

F.     Advocating for Policy Measures that Address Health Equity and the Social Determinants of Health in Nevada

G.    Advocating for Local, State, and Federal Investments in Public Health Infrastructure and Programs in Nevada

A key element of work in each of these priority areas is the development of resources for NPHA members and other public health professionals to educate and inform policy makers, businesses, the media, communities, and the public on evidence-based population health interventions, the public health system and the ten essential public health services. Pursuing this advocacy agenda will also require our ongoing collaboration with organizations and agencies who share our vision of a healthy Nevada.

An important addition to NPHA advocacy efforts is an emphasis on health in all policies and an associated focus on health impact assessments of current and proposed public policy, planning, and programs.  NPHA also supports efforts to improve health-related data collection and analysis used to inform science-based public planning and policy.

Finally, NPHA has the flexibility to act, when appropriate, on other pressing public health issues – such as, the public health and safety of legal marijuana, emerging infectious disease threats like Zika, and proposed changes to the Affordable Care Act being considered by Congress – that may not easily be categorized under the overarching NPHA advocacy and policy goals and our 2017 advocacy agenda and current policy priorities.  

Additional Information

For more information about the Nevada Public Health Association and the work of the NPHA Advocacy and Policy Committee, contact NPHA APC Chair, Dr. John Packham at or 775-784-1235.

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