NOrthern NEVAda chapter

NPHA Chapters are concerned with all aspects of the health of Nevada residents, and are proud to bring together a diverse group of health professionals to focus energy and foster collaboration between organizations and throughout the state.

Local chapters hold regular business and social meetings for members. These meetings always provide an opportunity to address business matters and a chance to network with colleagues, and are often educational forums as well, featuring local and regional public health experts. In addition, chapters have active standing committees that meet to plan activities, address membership needs, and work to promote public health in Nevada. These committees have been responsible for a wide range of activities, including: 

  • Sponsoring community events
  • Co-sponsoring lecture series and conferences
  • Developing an annual NPHA Scholarship
  • Editing and maintaining the NPHA Electronic Journal
  • Providing members with updates on health-related legislation

Chapter Information
For more information about chapter activities and membership, please contact:

Gerold Dermid, Northern Nevada Vice President,  

Anastasia Gunawan, MPH, Secretary,

Shawn Thomas, MPH, Mentorship Program Coordinator,

Marena Works, MPH, Member-at-large,

Lea Moser, Graduate Student Representative, 

Jason Courtney, Undergraduate Student Representative, 

Carah Solemsaas, Health Promotion/Disease Prevention Representative,

Sara Gallego, BS, State-Wide Social Media Representative,

Nevada Public Health Association
P.O. Box 8543, Reno, NV 89507
 ‪(775) 996-3908

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